Q: I need to replace a part in my Toshiba laptop, how do I find the correct replacement?

A: The first step you will need to take is to locate your Toshiba part number.  Toshiba part numbers have a few different formats, however the most common will resemble something like K000004080,V000068790, P000346800, etc.

Here is an example of a Toshiba part number sticker:

Q: I want to replace the motherboard in my laptop, where is this number located?

A: Toshiba part numbers on motherboards are most often located underneath one of the DIMM slots of RAM. If you are unable to find it there, you may have to remove the motherboard from the laptop in order to locate the sticker. Make sure that the sticker you are looking for is more directly on the motherboard and not on an attached part.

Here is an example of a Toshiba part number (V000095000) located above this RAM slot:

Here is another Toshiba part number (K000054390) located underneath where the hard drive would be located on the motherboard:

Q: There are multiple part numbers on my motherboard. How do I know which one I need?

A: The easiest way to figure out which part number belongs to the motherboard is to simply Google the part number and look for related results. If the part number is giving you pictures and links to a part that is not the motherboard, then you know you do not have the correct part number. There can be multiple part numbers on the motherboard which are sometimes simply compatible part numbers or for attached parts.

Here is an example of a Toshiba motherboard with multiple part numbers:

You can see the Toshiba part number V000068790 and the motherboard part number 6050A2101901. I always recommend that you replace Toshiba parts using the Toshiba part number first if possible. If you are unable to locate a replacement using the Toshiba part number, then you should use the motherboard part number instead.

Q: I’m trying to replace the Toshiba hard drive in my laptop, however there are no Toshiba part numbers! What do I do?

A: You may find that some parts, like hard drives, do not always have Toshiba part numbers on them. In these cases, you must correctly identify the manufacturers part numbers on the part to find a compatible replacement. Here is a hard drive that does not include a Toshiba part number:

You can see the outlined part number on this hard drive is MK1234GSX. This number will find you a suitable replacement. You may find that upon looking for one to purchase, you see it listed for a different laptop model than your own. Do not worry, some parts are used in many different laptops and are compatible in many different models. As long as you match the part number you are replacing, the part you purchase will be compatible.

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