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How to find your part number

Q. How do I find the part number of the item I'm ordering so I can make sure it's compatible with my existing part?

A. This can vary depending on the laptop brand you have as well as the actual part you're looking at. Generally every part in a laptop has its own part number and should be replaced only with the same part or a substitute part. To find the part number look for a sticker on the part which may resemble some of the examples below.

Toshiba Laptop part numbers, for example, would be something like K000004080, P000387490, P000346800, etc. Here is an example of a Toshiba part number sticker:

How to find your part number for Toshiba Laptops

Whereas HP part numbers would resemble this format: 444002-001, 486550-001, 506124-001, etc. Here is an example of an HP part number sticker:

How to find your part number for HP Laptops

You will find variety like this between laptop brands, but you generally will find a sticker with a number on it similar to what's pictured above.

Sometimes the part number may be printed directly on the part, rather than on a sticker, so if you don't see a sticker, look for numbers printed on the part itself.

Items like Hard drives, LCD screens, Batteries, etc. that were not manufactured specifically for your laptop model, usually have a manufacturer's number on them which you can also use to locate a replacement.

Here is an example of a Hard drive manufacturer's number:

Here is an example of a LCD screen manufacturer's number:

Here's is an example of a Battery manufacturer's number (top circle).  You will notice there is also an

HP part number printed at the bottom of the battery label, as well:

If you are still unable to find your part number, please visit our individual manufacturers pages located up top to help you with finding  your part number.


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VIVO Technology is a United States corporation that supplies laptop parts and accessories to wholesalers, retailers, and end users.

VIVO equips their customers with decision-making resources such as detailed specifications, descriptions, and high resolution photos of all parts and accessories. We offer a low-price guarantee and an urgent, same-day shipping standard to provide our customers with excellence and timely delivery. Our Customer Service team reads and responds to every inquiry within 1 business day to ensure your utmost satisfaction. VIVO’s near-perfect customer satisfaction ratings make us one of the most sought after laptop parts suppliers in North America.

VIVO Technology houses over 500,000 parts on site, ready to carefully pack and ship immediately. As a well known and highly trusted HP Laptop Motherboard sales team we carefully take all necessary precautions to protect your Motherboards and all other static sensitive devices. We supply and support customers worldwide, and respond promptly to their needs. VIVO Technology is headquartered in Goodfield, Illinois.

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